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My path to being a sex coach is a bit unconventional and is filled with many twists and turns. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Film, where my intent was to specialize in the art of documentary filmmaking. I have always been fascinated with capturing real life…and the interesting people that fill it. In my senior year of film school, I was able to secure a grant to produce a documentary film about my grandmother. My grandmother has led a very interesting life, filled with heartache, triumph, and mental illness. With the grant, I was finally going to be able to tell her story. However…life changed the course of my film, as life often does, and in one phone call my grandmother and I learned that my mother was on her deathbed…dying from her long 10 year run on the streets under the heavy addiction of meth and alcohol. From that point going forward, the film became about the journey my grandmother and I took to find my mother: to say goodbye…to heal individually…and to heal together. It was in one single moment during the production of this documentary…standing at my biological mothers deathbed…that I realized that being a healer was where I needed to be and what I wanted to do. After completion of the film, and my subsequent Bachelors degree, I detoured from my work in film altogether and began an intense Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate program where I graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling. Upon graduation, I attended a yearlong ASECT certification sex therapy training program with the hopes of one day being able to specialize in sex therapy, a sector of mental health that I felt both competent in and passionate about. It was while I was in this program that I created my now infamous Instagram blog…The_Sexual_Sexpert. My intent with this Instagram page was to create a safe space where sex could be talked about in an open, honest, and uncensored fashion. At first the page was purely for my own therapeutic process: I very much needed a place for me to be able to explore…rant…create…define…vent…discover…play…explain… and ultimately be authentic as an evolving sexual being. But eventually my page became something more than this, something more than just a place for me to explore and discover. As my page grew, I started to notice that the void I felt in my life for a safe place for sexual exploration was something that was also felt within our society at large. And eventually, the Instagram followers found their way to my page, and a larger conversation about all things sex was started. My page gained momentum fast…and so did my passion for all things sex. I became fascinated with kink and fetish and started to indulge my own personal fantasies all the while recording them on my then ever growing Instagram sex blog. Additionally, my own 15-year union with my husband started to transform at this time and together we decided to explore alternative sexual scripts for our traditional marriage. We eventually decided to try our hand at a threesome, and then sex clubs, and then swinging…and eventually we switched our marriage orientation from monogamous to non-monogamous, where we continue to explore and play in this lifestyle to this very day. In addition to our new marriage orientation, I began to chronicle our sexcapades with a segment of my blog I titled: “The Swinger’s Diaries”. With these diaries, I work to give an honest and candid glimpse into a world of sex and relationships that most do not get a chance to examine in our current societal landscape. Eventually I was banned from Instagram for what they purport to be indecent material, a fact I fought on five different occasions until I eventually cut my loses and moved my sex blog to WordPress.com. Today….I am a practicing sex and life coach, local to the Los Angeles area. My coaching services include face-to-face, virtual {Skype}, and telephone sessions. I am also a sex educator and attend various speaking engagements across the LA area. And I continue to cover a wide variety of sexual topics on my daily sex blog, from fetish to orgasm issues, to intimacy, to mental illness, to taboo, to a plethora of other sex related concepts while I work to give out as much guidance, advice, insight, and provocative sexual ideas as I can.

And as always, I truly appreciate your love and support…



The Sexual Sexpert

16 thoughts on “About . . .”

  1. Hello there gorgeous! I’m Philip and you met me today! Please keep me updated on anything you do! More women should be like you


      1. The craziest place I had sex was in the CEO conference room on the 37th floor at night over looking the whole city.


  2. Love, you are absolutely gorgeous. I wish you would post more
    I can not get enough of you. Love seeing you on IG, tumblr and snapchat even though you never post on there anymore. I would love to start at your toes and work my way up to the top of your head. Every inch of you is absolutely delightful.


    1. Thank you. I post as often as I can…life has gotten busy😉 If you would like more exclusive access to me and my content, feel free to hang out at my Patreon.com account, I will be doing a lot of work there in the next few weeks. You can get a direct link to the page from the menu bar of my website. Cheers!


  3. Hi dear , I followed you on Instagram your both accounts old one and new one recently.. its really heart breaking Insta has banned both. 😢. I m your sincere follower and love what you post. A small advice being a follower make account private..



    1. Hello there, thank you so much for all your support and feedback. I am actually going to stay away from IG for a while, that place is not an option for me anymore. But I invite you to follow all the really exciting things I have going on with this sex blog via this website, all you have to do is subscribe and you won’t miss out on a single post:)


  4. In a past post you asked for suggested topics of interest on a you tube xxx type format to which I replied. I’ve since had some additional ideas; speak about how to kiss and caress a woman to make her blood boil, teach us about where and how to work a ladies g-spot to perfection, maybe some hints on what kind of erotic actions women fantasize about, us men could use lots of help on talking openly with a woman about her sexual needs, some hints on what a lady likes as part of a massage, etc.


    1. Ugh, so close… But the shot I am looking for, the one containing the real Felicia, is on another social media platform. It won’t be too hard to find from here however, good luck! ☺️


  5. I was so sad when you where no longer on insta and thought you had decided just to stop what you posting. I’m so excited to now see you have a blog!


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