The Sex Blog . . .

Hi there,

Welcome to our sex blog.

What started out over at Instagram as a way for Tanya to speak her mind on all things sex…has now become a full services sex blog for all the world to enjoy.

Monty, the blogs very first Sex intern…is here.

Then Tanya’s ex-girlfriend Violet joined the show too!

And now…we have a whole posse of Sexperts and special guests that make their way through this blog and gift us with their perspective and knowledge about all things sex.

The vibe here is a tad bohemian since Tanya is really just a big ol’ free spirited-nudist hippie with the spirit of a sexual rebellion reminiscent of 69′ in her heart. Oh and we also call ourselves Sluts {which basically just means that as sexually liberated and empowered humans we are not demeaned by the title, in fact, we take ownership of it}, and the culture in this place is fluid, just like the sexualities and personalities of all that come here to talk about sex.

From BDSM to women’s rights to butt plug stories to porn reviews to sexual exploration and experimentation to swinging to LGBTQ communities to gender issues to social change…this blog works hard to explore ALL THINGS SEX in an open and candid forum!

It wasnt until after Tanya and her sex blog was unfairly banned from the popular social media platform Instagram out of pure sexual discrimination that she realized our society had a large sex positive void. It was then that she started calling this special place she created in the internet a sexual paradise, and ever since then, the whole TSS team has worked very hard to cultivate and maintain this sexual paradise.

And to date, it is our firm belief that this blog has become a sexual paradise for all that seek refuge from this body and sex shaming society.

But at the end of the day we are truly just an open and welcoming community of sexual beings and we are very happy that you are here.

So now all that is left to do is cum on in, look around, and enjoy the sex show…


30 thoughts on “The Sex Blog . . .”

  1. Hello there gorgeous! I’m Philip and you met me today! Please keep me updated on anything you do! More women should be like you


      1. The craziest place I had sex was in the CEO conference room on the 37th floor at night over looking the whole city.


  2. Love, you are absolutely gorgeous. I wish you would post more
    I can not get enough of you. Love seeing you on IG, tumblr and snapchat even though you never post on there anymore. I would love to start at your toes and work my way up to the top of your head. Every inch of you is absolutely delightful.


    1. Thank you. I post as often as I can…life has gotten busy 😉 If you would like more exclusive access to me and my content, feel free to hang out at my account, I will be doing a lot of work there in the next few weeks. You can get a direct link to the page from the menu bar of my website. Cheers!


  3. Hi dear , I followed you on Instagram your both accounts old one and new one recently.. its really heart breaking Insta has banned both. 😢. I m your sincere follower and love what you post. A small advice being a follower make account private..



    1. Hello there, thank you so much for all your support and feedback. I am actually going to stay away from IG for a while, that place is not an option for me anymore. But I invite you to follow all the really exciting things I have going on with this sex blog via this website, all you have to do is subscribe and you won’t miss out on a single post 🙂


  4. In a past post you asked for suggested topics of interest on a you tube xxx type format to which I replied. I’ve since had some additional ideas; speak about how to kiss and caress a woman to make her blood boil, teach us about where and how to work a ladies g-spot to perfection, maybe some hints on what kind of erotic actions women fantasize about, us men could use lots of help on talking openly with a woman about her sexual needs, some hints on what a lady likes as part of a massage, etc.


    1. Ugh, so close… But the shot I am looking for, the one containing the real Felicia, is on another social media platform. It won’t be too hard to find from here however, good luck! ☺️


  5. I was so sad when you where no longer on insta and thought you had decided just to stop what you posting. I’m so excited to now see you have a blog!


  6. I’m not sure why I am always so drawn to you and your story. I think it’s becuase I’m quite duplicitous myself and tried for years to maintains balance between the puritanical side of myself and the sexual creature that I felt I had been since the very early onset age of 5 or 6… I think I’m beginning to find a certain comfort and balance with a new love. Life has become an interesting adventure… I’m excited to see what lies ahead… It’s good that you are continuing to succeed dispite those who have tried to silence you! I’ve followed you on IG… Several times. I follow you on tumblr. Chatting with you always makes my day.


    1. I really appreciate you and your presence, I always have. I would love to chat with you regarding your experiences. Please let me know if that is anything you would be open to ❤️ I appreciate your love and support, truly.


      1. Thank you. I feel what you’re doing is important, not only to you, but for those who need to be able to relate to you. I am open to speaking with you… I need to discuss it with my partner before doing so…Is there another way that I can reach you without it being on here so that we can discuss it?


  7. Hey! I just wanted to stop in to say thank you. The work y’all do here is amazing. It’s also work not s lot of people are willing to do. So thank you for reaching out and helping people. And thank you for trying to make the world a better place one mind at a time. It make take a while but I just wanted to let y’all know your work means something to a lot of people.


  8. What can I say other than being amazing. I started following you on Instagram due to your sexy but yet classy pictures then i started reading your messages with pictures…wow talk about powerful words. Since then I have followed you from Tumblr to Snapchat to your website.
    You and your crew have created an amazing world where you feel free to be you. Thank you for all you do.


    1. Thank you so very much for all your feedback and your follow! We love to hear these things and it is truly what keeps us going, so thank you ❤️


  9. You are so sexy, i alway look for and enjoy woman like you who is very natural with assets….your ass and boobs are very hot and sexy……


  10. Hi beautiful sexy ladies i am a follower ur id banksjr8603 on instagram i love ur all post from there i found out about ur this site going to follow this site to hoping for more sexual contains. Love n kisses to you all


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